Airport Authority Seeks Funds for Improvements to Burbank Middle School

BURBANK, Calif., January 19, 2000 – The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority voted unanimously yesterday to seek funds from the Federal Aviation Administration to pay for insulation and air conditioning of the auditorium and music room at Luther Burbank Middle School. The project will cost an estimated $582,000.

Luther Burbank Middle School, the first of four schools insulated under the Authority’s Part 150 Study mitigation program, has already had all classrooms, offices and its library treated at a cost of $3.9 million. The auditorium and music room were not included because there was no regular instruction in the facilities, a prerequisite for federal funding.

Last year, the Burbank Unified School District notified the Authority that regular instruction was now taking place in the two rooms, and the Authority obtained a finding from the FAA that they were therefore eligible for grant assistance. With yesterday’s action, the Authority will now request the additional funding, with FAA’s concurrence, as part of a future grant from the Airport Improvement Program, the FAA’s source of insulation grants.

“We’re very pleased the FAA approved these two rooms for grant eligibility without requiring additional study.  The past insulation and air conditioning have made a big difference to the 1,100 students at Luther Burbank, and this work will bring even more improvement to the learning environment at the school,” said Acting Executive Director Dios Marrero following the Authority’s action.

There is no scheduled date for the next FAA grant offer, but it could come as soon as September, the end of the federal fiscal year, if past FAA practice is followed.  Once the offer is received, the school district oversees the design and installation of the insulation treatment, and the work is paid for by a combination of 80% federal and 20% Airport Authority funds.

Since adoption of the Part 150 Study in 1989, the Authority and the FAA have committed $12.6 million for school insulation at Luther Burbank Middle School, Glenwood Elementary School in Sun Valley, Saint Patrick’s School in North Hollywood and Mingay Adult School in Burbank.  All but Mingay have been completed.

The Authority and the FAA have also committed another $13 million for residential insulation and air conditioning, enough to treat nearly 300 homes.  The Authority expects to direct $120 million to home and school insulation by 2015.