Reports & Meeting Documents

The Airport Authority holds regular public meetings on the first and third Monday of the following months: February, April, May, June, October. Meetings are held only on the third Monday of the following seven months: January, March, July, August, September, November, December. Meetings take place at 9 a.m. in the Skyroom, located in the administrative offices on the second floor of the main terminal building. Parking in Covered Lot G is validated for those attending the meetings.

The Authority has three standing committees that meet on a regular basis in the administrative offices on the second floor of the main terminal building. The public is welcome to attend, and parking in Covered Lot G is validated. The Operations and Development Committee meets at 8:30 a.m., preceding the regular Authority Commission meeting. The Finance and Administration Committee and the Legal, Government and Environmental Affairs Committee both meet on Authority meeting dates at 9:30 a.m. or immediately following the full Authority meeting.

An agenda for each regular meeting of the full Authority and its standing committees will be posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting in the display case in the entryway of the main terminal building, located at 2627 N. Hollywood Way.

Public Meetings During the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

Airport Authority Commission Meeting
Notices & Agendas

Operations & Development Committee
Meeting Notices & Agendas

Legal, Government & Environmental Committee Meeting Notices & Agendas

Finance & Administration Committee Meeting Notices & Agendas

Financial Statements

2021 FY 2022 Adopted Budget
2020 BGPAA Passenger Facility Charge
2020 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge
2020 BGPAA Bond Covenant Report
2020 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements
2020 BGPAA Single Audit Reports
2020 FY 2021 Adopted Budget
2019 BGPAA Passenger Facility Charge
2019 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge
2019 BGPAA Bond Covenant Report
2019 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements
2019 BGPAA Single Audit Reports
2019 FY 2020 Adopted Budget
2018 FY 2019 Adopted Budget
2018 BGPAA Passenger Facility Charge
2018 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge
2018 BGPAA Bond Covenant Report
2018 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements
2017 FY 2018 Adopted Budget
2017 BGPAA Passenger Facility Charge
2017 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge
2017 BGPAA Bond Covenant Report
2017 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements
2016 FY 2017 Adopted Budget
2016 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge
2016 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements
2015 BGPAA Single Audit Reports
2015 BGPAA Passenger Facility Charge Reports
2015 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge Reports
2015 BGPAA Bond Covenant Report
2015 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements
2014 BGPAA Customer Facility Charge Report
2014 BGPAA Basic Financial Statements

Development Agreement & Extensions

Recorded Development Agreement (2017)
Amendment 3
Amendment 2
Amendment 1
Recorded Development Agreement (2005)

Airport Rules and Regulations

2020 – Airport Rules and Regulations Adopted May 4, 2020

Other Documents

2021 – Airports Council International Airport Health Accreditation
2013 – Economic Impact Report

Click here for info re: the FAA's environmental assessment (EA) of proposed amendments to two existing departure procedures at BUR.