Airport Receives $5 Million Grant from FAA for School, Home Insulation

Insulation Funding Passes $30 Million Mark — 210 Homes in Burbank and L.A.,  Additional Rooms at Burbank Middle School to be Treated

BURBANK, Calif., September 5, 2000 — The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority announced today it has received and executed a $5 million grant agreement from the Federal Aviation Administration for the sound insulation of approximately 210 homes in Burbank and Los Angeles and additional insulation at Luther Burbank Middle School in the City of Burbank.

The grant brings the total of combined FAA and Airport Authority funds dedicated to insulation to just over $30 million since 1989 when the Authority became eligible for the grants by completing a federal Part 150 noise compatibility study.

Four schools and 259 homes have already been funded.  The new grant will bring the total of homes insulated to 469. If the FAA approves an update of the study submitted earlier this year, approximately 3,100 homes and eight schools will be eligible for the insulation program, at an estimated cost of $130 million.  The grant conditions require the Authority to supply 19% of the project costs in matching funds in order to receive the federal money.

“The Authority has aggressively sought funding for home insulation and  continues to be appreciative of the priority the FAA has given to noise mitigation projects proposed by the Authority.  FAA support has enabled us to step up the pace of our program, and we are striving to insulate every eligible home and school by 2015,” said Authority President Carl Meseck.

The Authority’s current budget allocates $11 million for noise mitigation and abatement projects, more than double the amount during the previous fiscal year.

Luther Burbank Middle School was the first of four schools insulated under the original Part 150 study and was completed in 1994 at a cost of $3.9 million.  Since then, the school auditorium and other rooms have been converted to instructional classroom use and are being insulated in light of their change in function.  The newest modifications will cost $582,000.