All Flights Grounded Nationwide

BURBANK, Calif., September 11, 2001, 8:25 a.m. – The FAA has grounded all flights nationwide following the terrorists’ attacks in New York and Washington.  The public is advised to stay away from the airport and follow today’s development for information on the resumption of air travel.

The Airport Authority will periodically update the status of Burbank Airport throughout the day on the Airport’s website,  Click on “Breaking News” on the home page.


Terminal A (Southwest, America West and American Airlines) and Terminal B (United and Alaska Airlines) have been closed to the public beyond the security checkpoints.  For the time being, the public areas of the main terminal remain accessible.

At this point, most patrons of the airport have left the facility and there is very little activity.

Persons with questions about airline flights are urged to contact the airline’s toll free reservation number or check for information on the airline’s website.

Airline reservation numbers:

Alaska     (800) 426-0333

America West  (800) 235-9292

American     (800) 433-7300

Southwest     (800) 435-9792

United     (800) 241-6522

The public is advised not to come to the airport since no travel  is possible.  However, those who need to come may park in Economy Lots A, B, and C and Airport Trams will continue to provide transportation to the main terminal building. Parking in the short term structure and the valet lots is discouraged.

Airport status messages are being broadcast on 1620 AM.


The status of the airport is essentially unchanged since the previous report.  Less than a dozen members of the public are still in the main terminal building, most of them sitting in the main restaurant watching television coverage of today’s events.

All airline ticket counters in Terminal A are dark; United Airlines was still manning its ticket counter as of 15 minutes ago, although no customers were present, and there were two customers at the rental car reservation counters.

Uniformed law enforcement officers from the Airport Authority Police Department and Burbank Police Department are on-site.

The flight cancellation order from the FAA arrived early enough to prevent any of the scheduled airline departures from taking place.  One Southwest Airlines flight in transit from Oakland to San Diego was reported diverted to Burbank Airport.  Otherwise, no flights have arrived or departed.


There have been no changes in the status at Burbank Airport since the last entry at 10:45 a.m.  The airport continues to run trams to and from airport parking lots but they are seldom being used, and virtually no members of the public are at the facility. Airline ticket counters are closed.

Further details are now available on the only two commercial flights to arrive at Burbank Airport before the total stoppage was imposed by the FAA early this morning:  Southwest flight #1127 from Phoenix arrived shortly after 7 a.m., and Southwest flight #812, originally bound from Oakland to San Diego, was diverted to Burbank.

The Airport Authority continues to broadcast a brief message about the airport’s status on 1700 AM.  Earlier today, the message was carried on 1620 AM.  Road signs on the major streets to and from the airport alert drivers to the radio information.

NOTE: The Airport Authority plans no further update on this website until further significant developments surface.  The status of the airport has not changed from earlier reports listed below.  We advise following developments tomorrow as they become available — V. Gill 5:40 p.m., 9/11/01