Ample Parking Expected Over Christmas Holiday; Valet Lot Reduced to $13 for Long Weekend

Busy Travel Weekend Likely to Run 10%-15% Below Normal Holiday,Freeing Up Valet Spaces

BURBANK, Calif., December 21, 2001 — If there are Burbank Airport travelers are who have ever wanted to try out the airport’s famous Valet parking service, this is the weekend to do it. The combination of reduced travel since September 11 and the absence of the usual business travel clientele over the long holiday weekend has prompted the airport to lower the Valet rate to $13 per day, down from the normal $20 daily rate.  The airport’s economy lots located off the airport on Hollywood Way and Thornton Avenue cost $9 per day.

“Rather than see people migrate to the remote lot while the Valet spaces remain empty right across from the front door of the airport, we thought we would give travelers an opportunity to try the Valet service out,” said Executive Director Dios Marrero.

The passenger count was down 15% in October and 13% in November, and the Authority expects lower than normal demand for the immediate future, Marrero said.

“It’s still a busy place, and travelers still need to allow extra time for the added security measures they’ll encounter in the terminal, but holiday parking should be very convenient,” he said.

Airport patrons can access a wide variety of travel and airline information at, and the airport broadcasts information on AM 1700.  General tips on airport security include:

The curbside in front of the terminals is restricted to the immediate loading and unloading of passengers.

Be prepared to show proper government issued identification and airline travel documentation.

All passenger baggage is subject to search; no sharp objects, blades or knives are allowed irrespective of length.

Terminal holdroom areas are restricted to ticketed passengers only; authorized exceptions are allowed for unaccompanied minors and the physically infirmed.