April 20, 2001, 8:45 p.m. Update:

The evaluation of the laptop computer detected as a possible explosive device at Burbank Airport earlier this evening continues at this hour.  There has been no specific announcement by law enforcement authorities as to its status.

The resultant delays of flights scheduled out of Concourse A, gates 1-9 — mostly those of Southwest Airlines — have meant that several hundred passengers are still waiting in the main terminal building to see whether their flights will occur or not.

Flight activity has continued at a greatly reduced pace, with an unreported number of flights to Burbank held at their originating airports pending resolution of the security situation.

Southwest aircraft are using the three eastern most gates on the concourse to deplane passengers, who are then being conveyed in airport trams on the airfield to Terminal B and the United Airlines baggage claim.

Delays in scheduled flights will continue for the time being.