Authority Awards Contract to Insulate 30 Homes

Chatsworth Firm, Wally Perfect Construction, Inc., Selected for $829,060 Project

BURBANK, Calif., July 19, 2001 — The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority has awarded a contract for $829,060 to insulate 30 single family homes to the Chatsworth-based firm of Wally Perfect Construction, Inc.

Work on the homes will commence within two weeks and will be completed by next January.  Twenty-five of the homes are in Los Angeles, and five are located in Burbank.

There are now 349 homes near Burbank Airport that have received insulation treatment or are in construction under the airport’s Residential Acoustical Treatment Program (RATP), and 420 additional homes are under design.

The program is an outgrowth of two noise studies approved by the Federal Aviation Administration that have identified 3,100 homes as eligible for federal grants to pay for the design and installation of the insulation, at an approximate cost of $35,000 per house.

The work is done at no cost to the property owner.  The Authority will also pay up to $5,000 to correct code deficiencies to meet city building permit requirements.  The owner is required to convey an easement to the Authority agreeing not to sue the airport over aircraft noise in the future.

Each house receives custom-designed acoustical treatments including double-paned windows, solid core doors and weather stripping that render aircraft noise virtually inaudible inside the residence.  Where necessary, air conditioning may also be included.  It takes approximately 15 days for the contractor to complete work on an individual residence.

To date, the FAA has authorized $16.8 million for the program, enough to pay for treatment of 469 homes.  The Airport Authority has funded 20% of the total from its own operating revenues, and it received FAA approval to collect a $3 Passenger Facility Charge from each departing passenger over an 11-year period that will raise $66 million to help pay for insulation.  Total cost of the program for single family homes is estimated at $120 million.  The Authority’s goal is to reach all eligible homes by 2015.

The Authority will also include multifamily residences in the insulation program if they are inside the noise impact area and were constructed prior to 1974.  Multifamily dwellings built after 1974 are required by state law to meet insulation standards at the time of construction and are not eligible for federal funds.