Authority President Announces Additions to Airport Executive Staff

Authority Approves Deputy Executive Director Position; Airport’s Executive Director To Remain at the Helm

BURBANK, Calif., April 10, 2001 – Airport Authority President Carl Meseck announced today a reorganization of the Airport Senior Staff.  The most significant change is the creation of the position of Deputy Executive Director to assist in the management of the airport.  The reorganization will permit the Authority’s current Executive Director, Dios Marrero, to remain at the helm.

“The many issues facing the airport can best be addressed by keeping the experienced management in place and providing additional staff resources,” Meseck said.  “After a thorough review of the airport’s management structure by the Authority and Dios, it became clear that our most pressing need was to beef up our management capabilities, rather than making any changes in the current airport management.”  The search for the new Deputy Executive Director will begin immediately.

Marrero has advised the Authority of his willingness to remain in charge of the airport’s operation.

“Having another airport executive in the organization will be a tremendous help to me and to the Authority.  The issues currently facing the airport can best be addressed if there is continuity of the airport management and its commissioners,” he said.