Burbank Airport Status Update as of Friday, September 14, 8:40 a.m.

All airlines except United are offering limited flights at Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport today.  Southwest will have the most activity, reporting at this hour that it will offer 42 departures today, compared to a normal schedule of 52.

America West has a limited schedule to Phoenix; Alaska is currently listing a late morning departure to Seattle; American has already staged its only departure for this date to Dallas-Ft.Worth.

The scene at the airport this morning is very orderly, with light traffic on the airport’s roadway system and no crowding in the main terminal building.

Travelers are advised to confirm arrangements with their airlines before coming to the airport.  The Airport Authority is broadcasting parking and other information on AM 1700 for drivers in the vicinity of the airport.

To recap security measures now in effect:

Discontinuation of curbside baggage check-in.  All bags must be checked at the airline ticket counters.

Access beyond security checkpoints will be limited to ticketed passengers only; no “meeters and greeters.” Ticketless travelers will need the printed itinerary from the airline or an authorization from the airline ticket counter in the main terminal.

Augmented screening of passengers and belongings at the checkpoint.

The airport lost some of its short-term parking spaces due to security requirements. Travelers and short-term visitors are urged to use remote parking lots A, B and C with tram connections to the terminal building.

Drivers will still be allowed to drop off passengers along the curb in front of the terminal, but absolutely no parking or waiting will be allowed.  Travelers must be sure to carry proper identification and maintain control of their luggage.

End-of-Day Note for Friday, September 14, 5:00 p.m.

The day has gone very smoothly.  No long lines at the ticket counters or security check points.  As a rule, the airlines anticipate gradually increasing their schedules in the coming days.  They are posting daily updates on their websites (links available on the home page of this site).–V. Gill