FAA Approves $3 Charge on Passengers to Finance Home and School Insulation Program

$3 Per Departing Passenger Charge OK’d to Raise $73.7 Million for Insulation and Reimbursement of Past Airport Improvement Projects

BURBANK, Calif., April 5, 2001— The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority’s application to continue collecting a Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) of $3 per departing passenger over an 11-year period to fund a major portion of the airport’s home and school sound insulation program as well as reimburse the Authority for a number of improvements made to the airport in recent years.

The FAA Western-Pacific Region office issued the approval April 2 authorizing the airport to collect a total of $73.7 million, with more than $66 million dedicated to acoustical treatment.

“The importance of this passenger facility charge is that we now know the money will be there for Burbank Airport to greatly accelerate its noise insulation program from past levels.  We hope to reach 300 homes a year and spend $10 million a year until the task is complete,” said Executive Director Dios Marrero.

“It is also important to note that this money comes from the users of the airport, not from local taxes, and it represents a big step by the airlines and the traveling public to get directly involved in making the airport the best neighbor it can be,” Marrero added.

Of the $73.7 million total, $66.7 million is aimed at the acoustical treatment program, which contains over 3,100 homes and eight schools.  The Authority has set a policy goal of insulating all eligible homes and schools by 2015, at a total cost of approximately $130 million.  Additional discretionary grants from the federal government’s Aviation Trust Fund are expected to round out necessary funding.

To date, the Authority has secured approximately $25 million in federal funds and has provided over $5 million from its own funds for the effort that would complete insulation of four schools and 469 single-family homes.

Besides paying for insulation, the Authority intends to use the PFC funds to reimburse itself for a number of projects already completed, including roadway and airfield pavement repairs, aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment and airfield signage and lighting.