Bid Process

For information about doing business with the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, please read the information about vendor registration and contact information. Vendors who wish to be informed of business opportunities must use the PlanetBids System™.


About PlanetBids PB System™

The Airport utilizes PB System™, a fully automated web-based vendor and bid management system. The system simplifies engaging in business activity with the Airport Authority by providing a searchable online database of current bid opportunities in an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable environment.

Vendors will find that the key features and benefits of the PB System™ include the ability to:

  • View solicitations including documents, addenda, drawings, bid results, and contract awards online.
  • Register as a vendor and manage your profile online (available to subcontractors, suppliers, plan rooms, etc.).
  • Receive automatic email notification of bid opportunities based on category code selections made during registration.
  • Download documents at no charge (requires registration), resulting in inclusion on the Prospective Bidders list for the project.
  • As a Prospective Bidder, submit questions in the bid management system and receive automatic email notification when responses or addenda are issued.
  • Submit bids electronically (hardcopy of bids or proposals may also be required).


Only vendors that are registered will be eligible to do business with the Airport Authority. Visit the Planet Bids site to begin the registration process. Once you have successfully completed registration, you may immediately select the Bid Opportunities tab to view active, closed, and awarded bids.

The email notification feature of the PB System™ is driven by the Buyer’s selection of need-specific category codes. Therefore, during the registration process you will be asked to select category codes and are encouraged to choose all codes (20 maximum) that fully reflect your services and/or merchandise for sale.

It is also advisable that you include in your vendor profile the email address for an alternate contact who will receive the Airport Authority’s email notifications. Following registration completion, you will receive an email confirmation. You may wish to save or print this email since it contains your username and password. If you do not received this confirmation, it may have been delivered to your junk email file due to firewall settings.

Forgot Username and/or Password?

After registering, if you misplace your username or password, click on “Forgot Password at the PB System™ log-in page and enter your email address. Your username and password will be emailed to you.

How to Obtain Bids

When you receive an email notification about a business opportunity, you will need to take the following steps in order to review the solicitation details and any documents associated with a bid, request for proposal (RFP), or request for quote (RFQ):

  • Clicking on the project title link in the email notification will take you to the Bid Information page.
  • Review summary information to determine your interest in the project.
  • If interested in the project, further action will require that you log in to download or submit bid.

Be sure to review or download all documents associate with a specific solicitation, including Terms and Conditions, General Provisions, or sample Agreements. It is the vendor’s responsibility to obtain the most complete and current version of the bid documents issued as result of any addenda.

Bids are due on or before the due date shown in BidsOnline™. The bid management system will not accept late bids. Bidder may begin bid submission at any time, save information, and modify or withdraw bid up to the bid submission deadline. Bid information entered is viewable only by the bidder.

Upon receipt of first award with the Airport Authority, vendor will be required to provide a completed IRS Form W-9 before a Purchase Order can be issued.