Noise Monitoring

The State of California has adopted official noise standards that require airports to monitor the amount of noise associated with aircraft at the Airport. The Airport publishes a Quarterly Noise Monitoring Report that documents the noise impact boundary of the Airport as defined in the standards.

On February 28, 2008, the California Department of Transportation issued a decision granting the Airport Authority a variance from requirements of Section 5012 of the California Noise Standards, and pursuant to that decision, the Authority will publish updates regarding its Noise Impact Area Reduction Plan (NIARP) and its Part 161 Study.

Quarterly Noise Monitoring Reports

A series of quarterly noise monitoring reports from 2012 – Current

DateTitleDownload File
2019 - 02 (Feb)4th Quarter 2018PDF
2018 - 11 (Nov)3rd Quarter 2018PDF
2018 - 09 (Sep)2nd Quarter 2018PDF
2018 - 05 (May)1st Quarter 2018PDF
2018 - 02 (Feb)4th Quarter 2017PDF
2017 - 12 (Dec)3rd Quarter 2017PDF
2017 - 08 (Aug)2nd Quarter 2017PDF
2017 - 05 (May)1st Quarter 2017PDF
2017 - 03 (Mar)4th Quarter 2016PDF
2016 - 11 (Nov)3rd Quarter 2016PDF
2016 - 09 (Sep)2nd Quarter 2016 PDF
2016 - 06 (Jun)1st Quarter 2016PDF
2016 - 04 (Apr)4th Quarter 2015PDF
2015 - 12 (Dec)3rd Quarter 2015PDF
2015 - 09 (Sept)2nd Quarter 2015PDF
2015 - 05 (May)1st Quarter 2015PDF
2014 - 12 (Dec)3rd Quarter 2014PDF
2014 - 10 (Oct)2nd Quarter 2014PDF
2014 - 06 (Jun)1st Quarter 2014PDF
2014 - 03 (Mar)4th Quarter 2013PDF
2013 - 12 (Dec)3rd Quarter 2013PDF
2013 - 08 (Aug)2nd Quarter 2013PDF
2013 - 06 (Jun)1st Quarter 2013PDF
2013 - 02 (Feb)4th Quarter 2012PDF
2012 - 12 (Dec)3rd Quarter 2012PDF
2012 - 09 (Sep)2nd Quarter 2012PDF
2012 - 05 (May)1st Quarter 2012PDF

Update on Noise Impact Area Reduction Plan and Part 161 Study

A series of quarterly NIARP reports from 2012 – Current

YearQuarterDownload File
20183rd QuarterPDF
20182nd QuarterPDF
20181st QuarterPDF
20174th QuarterPDF
20173rd QuarterPDF
20172nd QuarterPDF
20171st QuarterPDF
20164th QuarterPDF
20163rd QuarterPDF
20162nd QuarterPDF
20161st QuarterPDF
20154th QuarterPDF
20153rd QuarterPDF
20152nd QuarterPDF
20151st QuarterPDF
20144th QuarterPDF
20143rd QuarterPDF
20142nd QuarterPDF
20141st QuarterPDF
20134th QuarterPDF
20133rd QuarterPDF
20132nd QuarterPDF
20131st QuarterPDF
20124th QuarterPDF
20123rd QuarterPDF
20122nd QuarterPDF
20121st QuarterPDF

Current Noise Contour

The noise contours shown here, depict the boundary line between “compatible” and “incompatible” noise levels under the California Noise Standards. Under the state-prescribed standards, the average noise levels inside the contours are presumed to be so intrusive as to be incompatible with normal residential use. Outside the contours, the standards presume that average aircraft noise—even if it might be intrusive to some—is generally compatible with residential land use.

The noise contour maps show contours at two different noise levels: 70 decibels average noise over a 24-hour period (or 70 CNEL), and 65 decibels average noise over a 24-hour period (or 65 CNEL). CNEL stands for Community Noise Equivalent Level. Prior to 1986, 70 CNEL was considered to be the noise level at which noise and residential land use became incompatible. In 1986, the standard was changed to a quieter noise level, 65 CNEL, and the contours are shown at both levels in the interest of providing consistent data since the onset of ownership of the Airport by the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority in 1978.

Decrease in Noise Impacts

While there is still a significant noise impact area associated with the Airport, incompatible land use as determined by the California Noise Standards has been reduced dramatically since the Airport was purchased from Lockheed in 1978. The following table lists, on an annual basis, the number of acres of incompatible land use due to aircraft noise at both the 70 decibel and 65 decibel levels under the state’s CNEL measurement system.

Year70 CNEL65 CNEL

The standard for compatibility was 70 CNEL prior to 1986, and 65 CNEL thereafter. Although there are still some 20 acres of incompatible land under the 65 CNEL standard today, the Authority anticipates eliminating all incompatible land by the year 2015.

Attention: Real Estate Brokers

The Real Estate Information Form, prepared and distributed by the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, is being made available to you so that you can provide prospective property buyers with the latest operational information including the Airport’s quarterly noise contour.

The intent of this disclosure is to provide supplemental information in addition to what the brokerage profession is currently legally obligated to provide prospective property buyers in the Airport area. This supplemental information is to help make potential buyers aware of the location of the Airport and that their potential property acquisition may be impacted by aircraft operations. How and when you provide this disclosure to prospective buyers will be at your discretion.

If you need additional copies of this form, contact the Noise Management Office at 818.840.8840 and ask to speak to Maggie Martinez. We will send you the copies at no charge. You may reproduce this form, making sure you are distributing the latest version provided by the Airport Authority. We ask that you do not alter or make changes to this disclosure form.