Traveler’s Tails

The airport environment and air travel in general can be sources of stress and anxiety for some passengers. The Hollywood Burbank Airport Pet Therapy program, “Traveler’s Tails”, is an opportunity to provide them with a calm and soothing experience.

Since 2017, Hollywood Burbank Airport has partnered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) to provide passengers with stress relief and comfort through interaction with certified therapy dogs. ATD provides registration, support and insurance for members; lists of certified local volunteers; and visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, nursing homes, and airports.

Trained dogs and handlers that have been approved by ATD walk through Terminals A and B, visit passengers waiting for flights, and provide comfort, as well as airport information.

Today, Traveler’s Tails consists of 9 dogs of multiple breeds and sizes. There are no set schedules for when the dogs are at the airport. However, updates are provided on the airport’s social media pages which you can follow just below.

Meet the Pups










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