Search Requirement Activated for Cars in Short Term and Valet Lots

BURBANK, Calif., Tuesday, October 9, 2001 — The Federal Aviation Administration has instituted a requirement that all cars using the airport’s Short Term or Valet parking lots be searched upon entry to the lot.  Patrons who do not wish to have their cars searched may use Remote Lots A, B, and C where free shuttle tram service to the terminal is available.

Personnel are stationed at the entry to the Short Term lot to conduct the search of each vehicle, which will normally be of brief duration.  Three entrances are operating, and a special queuing area has been created to prevent cars from backing up onto the airport roadway.

Cars dropped at Valet will be searched at the time of arrival.

As always, travelers are advised to check with their airlines for flight specific information, and it is advisable to build in extra time for the added security procedures associated with check-in and security checkpoint clearance.

Travelers can obtain individual airline information from the airline’s phone reservation system or website.  All Burbank Airport airline websites are available on our home page.  The toll free phone reservation numbers for the airlines are:

Alaska: (800) 426-0333

America West: (800) 235-9292

American: (800) 433-7300

Southwest: (800) 435-9792

United: (800) 241-6522

Passengers should be prepared to observe the following security-related measures that have been well publicized at U.S. airports, including:

  • The curbside in front of the terminals is restricted to the immediate loading and unloading passengers
  • Be prepared to show proper government issued identification and airline travel documentation
  • All passenger baggage is subject to search; no sharp objects, blades or knives are allowed irrespective of length
  • Terminal holdroom areas are restricted to ticketed passengers only; authorized exceptions allowed for unaccompanied minors and the physically infirm