Statement Regarding Increased Baggage Screening Requirements Effective Friday, January 18, 2002

Pursuant to the Aviation Transportation Security Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush in November, airlines at all the nation’s airports are required to have a system in place to screen all checked baggage in the United States as of January 18.

There has been much press coverage of the possibility that the increased screening requirements could cause delays in the air travel system when they are implemented.  While the Airport Authority is not involved directly with the baggage screening process, Airport staff has conferred with the airlines at Burbank Airport and has monitored the ongoing discussion and planning efforts leading up to January 18th. Travelers should consider the following when planning their itineraries:

1. The airlines have several tools under the law to accomplish the required screening, and they state they are ready to comply. Their goal is to perform the screening without major interruptions or delays.

2. The five carriers at Burbank Airport are recommending that travelers arrive at the airport between one and two hours in advance of their scheduled departure.

3. Travelers are well advised to build some extra time into their planning, especially if they are traveling during “peak” demand periods, such as the early morning departure flights.

4.  Have all travel documents and identification readily available, and pack simply.

We will try to monitor the on-time performance at Burbank Airport as the system is put into place so travelers will have more knowledge of what to expect, and we will post that information on this website.