Thursday, October 4, 2001 Update

While FAA-mandated heightened security measures remain in force, passengers on American, Southwest and United Airlines today are finding curbside check-in with skycaps available once again at Burbank Airport.  America West and Alaska Airlines passengers must still check in at the terminal ticket counter, but skycaps are available to assist in transporting luggage as needed.

Otherwise, the airport appears to be gradually returning to a more normal status.  Passenger volume appears to be picking up, and the airlines continue to offer 69 daily departures to the primary West Coast cities served from Burbank as well as Denver and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Please scroll down this page to previous statements regarding new security requirements.  As always, travelers are advised to check with their airlines for flight specific information, and it is advisable to build in extra time for the added security procedures associated with check-in and security checkpoint clearance.

Travelers are urged to seek individual airline information from the airline’s phone reservation system or website.  All Burbank Airport airline websites are available on our home page.  The toll free phone reservation numbers for the airlines are:

Alaska: (800) 426-0333

America West: (800) 235-9292

American: (800) 433-7300

Southwest: (800) 435-9792

United: (800) 241-6522